Jordan Coble (c̓ris)

istm̓tímaʔ tuwi Katherine Louie iʔ skʷists naʔł inkikʷaʔ tuwi Paul Coble. intatúpaʔ tuwi lala (Martina San Pierre) naʔł tuwi Gaston Louie tl̓ n̓kmplqs. naʔł isʕawsəs tuwi um̓tiw̓s, tuwi n̓kʷalaʔ, naʔł tuwi pl̓kmúlaʔxʷ.

Jordan is married to Chelsea Coble and is the proud father of Keyara, Hadley and Nyelle. He was one of the original attendees of what was then, the Westbank Indian Band school, now Sensisyusten, attended high school at MBSS and earned is degree from UBCO. Jordan also graduated from the 4 year adult immersion language program at the Syilx Language House while continuing to help grow the Sncewips Heritage Museum into the influential centre it has come to be recognized as today.

As Jordan believes in the power of collaboration and the spirit of working together, he sits on various boards including the BCMA, ICHAC, UBCO IEAB, and he can also remember what most of these acronyms stand for.